Battery Storage

Evergreen are able to supply and fit battery storage systems.

Battery Storage

An energy storage system stores self -generated power which would otherwise have been exported and lost. This power can be used throughout the day, not just at night.

If you have solar PV panels installed on your property—or are thinking of doing so—you might be encouraged to learn that home batteries will help you make the most of what you generate yourself. This in turn means you are less reliant on the grid for power, leading to lower electricity bills.

Customers can now*:

  • Store excess self-generated power from their solar PV which would otherwise have been lost to the grid
  • Buy cheap electricity at times of low demand and store for self-use later
  • Have power backup in case of power cut
  • Benefit from flexible or agile tariffs from energy suppliers. You may even get paid to take power from the grid.

*Not all systems offer all of these features

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Evergreen can supply and fit a range of Energy Storage systems including the Tesla Powerwall 2, LG Chem RESU, Pylon Tech, SolaX and GivEnergy.


Battery Storage


In recent months, Evergreen has forged a healthy working relationship with the domestic energy storage manufacturers, GivEnergy. 

By completing training courses with the award-winning company, our engineers have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and are now fully certified installers of the Givenergy state-of-the-art energy storage systems.

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