How much does a Ground Source Heat Pump installation cost?

Ground source heat pumps are a superb, environmentally-friendly heating solution that can generate considerable, long-term utility bill savings for a household. 

But what are the initial costs of installing one?

Well, there are a number of things to consider when trying to calculate the outlay of a ground source heat pump installation. Perhaps the most important factor is the size and dimensions of the property being heated. 

Put simply, the bigger the space and the greater the hot water demand, the larger the heat pump you will require.

Size matters 

As a rough guide, we estimate that a smaller, well-insulated property needing a 9kW ground source heat pump, a 300-litre hot water cylinder and four 30m slinkies, would require a budget of approximately £18,500 plus VAT.

For a larger property, needing a 21kW ground source heat pump, a 300-litre hot water cylinder and five 50m slinkies, the price would increase to around £24,000 plus VAT.

These calculated costs would include installation, the relevant electrical and plumbing works, heating system connections—as well as all the necessary certifications, warranties and building control notifications.

These estimates, however, do not cover the required groundworks, or the purchase of sand which is often needed to safeguard the slinkies against sharp stone damage.

To help structure your budget, and to avoid any nasty surprises in your final bill, we would recommend allowing £20 per meter of groundworks and roughly £10 per meter of sand, if you should need it.

Investment for the future

As ground source heat pumps vary in size and complexity, calculating a standard price isn’t always straightforward, and the estimates may vary when doing your research.  The Energy Saving Trust, for example, forecast around the £10,000 and £18,000 mark for a ground source heat pump installation. 

While the outlay can be considerable, it’s important to remember that the payback over time can make it an excellent investment for the future. Factor in all the additional measures a household can implement to increase efficiency—properly insulating your home, being scrupulous with the heat generated from the pump, and applying for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments—a ground source heat pump could be a worthwhile purchase for you and your family. Give our blog on the pros and cons of ground source heat pumps a read, to help you make a more informed decision.

Guide costs per kW hour of heat:

Natural Gas 4.5p/kW/hour
Heating Oil


(average before effects of COVID)

LPG Gas 9.7p/kW/hour


(GSHP COP is 1kW in and 4kW out)

16p divided by 4 = 4p/kW/hour

Posted on January 18th 2021

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