Solar PV with Battery Storage and Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Recently completed installation for Mr and Mrs Davies in Weymouth.

The clients wanted a system which would minimise their reliance on imported power from the grid and allow them to charge their new electric vehicle for FREE.

Ian attended the home of Mr and Mrs Davies to carry out a site survey and find out exactly what the clients were hoping to achieve. After talking through the various options and answering their questions, Ian was able to put together a system proposal and quotation.

The system was to consist of a 5.12kW solar PV array, an LG Chem Resu 10kW Battery Storage Unit and a Zappi Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

The PV array was split across two roofs in order to maximise generation throughout the day. The PV system consisted of 16 LG 320 watt all black modules with SolarEdge power optimisers, a SolarEdge HD Wave inverter and K2 roof mounting system.

The SolarEdge HD Wave inverter and LG Chem Resu Battery unit were installed in the garage, and the Zappi EV Charging station was mounted on the external wall of the garage.

Power is generated by the solar panels via the SolarEdge inverter, this power is then free to use within the property as long as there is a demand. If the PV panels are producing more than is being used within the property, then any spare power is fed into the battery to be used later. Once the battery is full and there is no demand in the house, any spare power is then fed back into the grid. The inverter and battery communicate with each other to minimise the amount of power being imported or exported to the grid.

By adding the Zappi intelligent EV Charging Station, even less generated power will be exported to the grid. The Zappi monitors how much spare generated power there is and diverts this to the electric vehicle allowing the electric vehicle – in this case a Jaguar i-Pace- to be charged for FREE.

A really useful (and addictive!) feature of this system is the online monitoring. This is allow the system owner to view on a user friendly monitoring portal how much power is being generated, used, imported, exported and drawn from the battery.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch.

Posted on March 13th 2020

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