Summer Solar PV Update

Its June, summer is here and we have seen a definite upturn in the number of customers deciding to install a solar PV system, allowing them to take advantage of the sunshine and free generated power.

Recent announcements of impending electricity price rises and the increased capability of systems to enable owners to use more of the free power generated, has breathed life back into a struggling industry. Battery storage is becoming more popular and relevant as the price of imported power increases. Others I talk to in the trade have also noticed a steady increase in demand.

Most of the solar systems we have fitted this year have been part of bigger projects. Customers are increasingly aware that solar can help reduce the running costs of ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps. Spare generated power can also be used to heat water in hot water cylinders directly, reducing the need to run a heat pump or boiler. Free electricity is cheaper than gas!

We have several projects running at the moment where we are installing more than one technology, including solar PV, a heat pump, rewiring, re plumbing, installing the heating system, (whether that be radiators or under floor heating) and the installation of an MVHR system, (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery).

MVHR is another technology which can dramatically reduce the running costs of a home, as well as making it a much healthier place to be! By installing MVHR we have been able to reduce the required size of the heat pump, saving customers money on initial purchase and on future running costs.

We are lucky that our team of qualified electricians and plumbers are able to install all of these technologies, which complement each other so well. Customers also like the idea of only having to deal with one contractor.

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Posted on March 13th 2020

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