The benefits of having solar panels ground mounted

Ground mounted or rooftop solar panel systems, that is the question! There are pros and cons to both, and which one you choose will depend on multiple factors, but in this article we're going to look at the benefits of ground mounting solar panels in particular.

Ground mounted solar panels installed by Evergreen

Ground mounted solar panel systems have the ability to generate more power

This isn't  because they're more powerful, it's because they can be easily positioned for maximum exposure to the sun, whereas rooftop systems are limited by the size and orientation of the building that they're on. As part of this optimisation, the angle of tilt can be adjusted to suit the changing path of the sun throughout the year, increasing the amount of energy it's possible for them to generate. 

A close up of an arm and a hand holding a cloth, cleaning dust off of a solar panel

Easy maintenance and repair

With rooftop systems, maintenance and repairs will require technicians to climb on to the roof to access the panels. This isn't the case with ground-mounted panels, making them easily accessible for cleaning repairs and servicing.


Finally, ground-mounted solar panels can be scaled to meet the energy needs of any size home or business depending on the ground space they're taking up. Rooftop systems are more limited by the size of the building, and amount of available roofspace which doesn't necessarily allow for as much future expansion if needed.

Woman struggling with her inside-out umbrella in high winds

Potential for a longer lifespan

Being up high means that rooftop solar panels are more exposed to the elements including high winds and extreme temperatures which can lead to slow damage over time. Being on the ground gives ground-mounted solar panels a certain degree of protection from these elements, which means they can last a bit longer. 

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Posted on December 6th 2022

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