Ground Mounted Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV)

Power your home using the energy from the sun.

Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic
Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic

A roof-mounted solar PV array may not always be the best option. The roof structure may not be strong enough, or the roof area may be too small, shaded or facing in an unsuitable direction. If this is the case, then a ground-mounted solar PV array may be a better option. Indeed, it might end up being more cost-effective in the long term.

Generally, in terms of price per watt, the cost of installing ground-mounted solar panels is comparable to that of a rooftop system. The difference being that rooftop solar panel systems are fundamentally limited by the dimensions and characteristics of the roof itself. The roof’s orientation and angle, obstructions of chimneys, and shade spots can all affect the proficiency of your solar panels. In contrast, ground-mounted solar PV systems can be placed facing the best possible direction and at the optimum angle.

Here at Evergreen, we have extensive experience in installing ground-mounted solar PV systems. We use the excellent 'Cornish Rocker' system which features a sturdy mounting frame that has the additional benefit of being adjustable. So you can fine-tune it to maximise the efficiency of your solar panels. You can alter the pitch of the panels throughout the year to optimise generation.

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