Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery 

Balanced and controlled air ventilation system for your home


Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a balanced and controlled air ventilation system for your home. It works by extracting the warm, moist, stale air (and in some cases filtering pollen and other airborne dust) from around your home, particularly bathrooms, kitchens and toilets, filtering it through a heat exchanger to extract the heat. It then expels the air to the outside. Fresh air from outside is drawn in, passes through the exchanger recovering up to 90% of the heat taken from the extracted air. This fresh air is then ducted throughout the house into living and sleeping areas to encourage positive air circulation in an energy efficient way.

Modern homes are more energy efficient and well sealed to prevent drafts and heat loss. This means the amount of fresh air inside properties is reduced. This can in some cases have a detrimental effect on our health, as well as increasing the likelihood of mould and damp.

Evergreen can design, install and commission an MVHR system to suit your property, please call us if you would like more information or a visit to your home to discuss.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

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