Rainwater Harvesting

Helping you to reduce your water bills

Rainwater Harvesting

By collecting and storing rainwater you can reduce your consumption of mains water. This stored water can be used for outdoor uses like washing your car, or watering your garden. It can also be used for indoor uses such as flushing toilets or washing clothes.

The average person in the UK uses around 150 litres of water per day. Only a very small amount of this will be drunk. That leaves a large amount of clean, treated, pumped, drinkable water used to either flush the toilet or wash the car. This is a huge waste of our resources.

As well as being a green technology, rainwater harvesting can save you around half on your water bills, it can also help to reduce flood risk, allows you to water your garden during a hosepipe ban and can even help you get planning permission.

Get in touch to find out if rainwater harvesting is right for you.

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