Solar Thermal

Let the sun heat your water for free

Solar Thermal Installation
Servicing Schedule. We recommend you have your Solar Thermal system serviced annually to ensure the correct operation of safety measures (over pressure and temperature), test the pressurisation of the expansation vessel, check the solar controller fo

Evergreen are able to supply, fit, service and repair solar thermal systems.

Solar Thermal is a simple and cost-effective way of heating your water, and will typically convert around half of the solar energy falling on the solar collectors into heated water. The best location for a flat solar collector is on a sloping roof, preferably facing south, but east/west systems work well. The solar collector is connected to your hot water tank by a flow and return pipe, and the glycol (antifreeze), is circulated around this system by a small electric pump controlled by a pump station. This glycol is heated by passing through the solar collectors and in turn passes through a coil in your hot water tank, heating the water. 

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