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Whether new-build or retro fit - every underfloor heating system installed by Evergreen is treated as a bespoke project. The heat demand of each room is determined before a full design is produced. Our own installation team then follow this design to ensure there are no ‘cold spots’ and a warm and cosy environment is created.

Underfloor heating is the ideal heat emitter to work with renewable technologies such as heat pumps. It also operates at lower temperatures which require less demand on a boiler system for the same, if not a more improved level of comfort.

Underfloor heating allows room space to be maximised by removing the need for large unsightly radiators. Homeowners can now enjoy more design freedom when designing their property’s interiors.

All new heating systems in England & Wales must now run on low flow temperatures of 55°C as stated in the revised Part L Building Regulations. Underfloor heating is the ideal heating method to achieve this.

underfloor heating

Whether it be a screeded, joist or floating floor, Evergreen are expert installers of quality all Underfloor Heating systems.

As experienced plumbers and heating engineers, we can advise on which system would work best for you and your chosen heat generator. Whether you are heating your home with a biomass, gas or oil boiler (high temperature) or a ground or air source heat pump (low temperature), it is vitally important to specify the right products and materials and use the correct pipe spacings and controls.

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